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Tying Together Allergies And Frequent Urination

Friday, July 25th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

ToiletFrequent urination is a common enough problem for men and women with urinary tract infections, prostate problems, diabetes and other health conditions. Even so, did you know that allergies and frequent urination can go hand in hand, depending on the allergic trigger? That trigger most probably is due to allergies to different types of food depending on your sensitivity.

Celiac Issues

People who have celiac disease have a problem with the digestion of gluten products and any ingestion of such products can cause a variety of intestinal issues. A byproduct of this condition with a few people is frequent urination. Several foods like bread and pasta contain wheat flour that has gluten properties in it and hence trigger a reaction when eaten. These wheat based allergies and frequent urination are tied together in this respect and only a totally gluten free diet can alleviate the symptoms.

High Acid Food And Drink

Your typical diet could have many potential allergic triggers which can cause frequent potty breaks. For the most part food and drink high in acids can cause allergies and frequent urination but many people may not clue into this cause for quite a while. Only through day-after-day food and drink journals, cataloging everything consumed, can the cause of these allergies and frequent urination be pinpointed.

While this food and drink high in acid might not upset the stomach, the way your body digests it could trigger some type of allergic reaction causing the excessive bathroom breaks. Nobody really knows why this occurs however if frequent urination is interrupting your life, you might want to consider banning high acidic foods and drinks like salsa, sodas, teas, coffee and cranberry juice.

Theories Still Guess Work

The tie between allergies and frequent urination is still somewhat nebulous and several people just seem to have atypical allergic reactions to various substances. The basic consensus is that whatever allergic trigger you have creates a chemical chain reaction in your body. A few people may form hives from eating certain foods while others have diarrhea, nausea and abdominal cramping.

The same food that caused the allergies and frequent urination might not do the same thing later when consumed again. Your body is really one big biological, chemical being and your immune system could have simply been malfunctioning at one point.

Allergy Medications

Allergies and frequent urination could as well be tied together due to your reaction to the medication used to treat the allergies. Not all drugs are infallible and many of them go with a laundry list of side effects, one of which could be frequent urination.

If frequent urination is a problem for you, be sure to rule out other health conditions such as an enlarged prostate or urinary tract infection first before considering an allergy.

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