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With Allergies Skin Rash Degree Can Change

Sunday, June 15th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

One of the most common symptoms of allergies is a skin rash and can be anywhere from just simply irritating to hives with a debilitating itch. There are some allergies where a skin rash is present, but is often confused as a skin rash, with the root cause of the rash overlooked.

When it causes a misdiagnosis of allergies, skin rash can let the real cause to get even worse, causing a hypersensitive reaction to exacerbate into severe medical problems.

Body's Immune SystemAn allergy is believed to be caused when body’s immune system misidentifies an object entering the body as an enemy and sends out the troops to combat the intruder and therefore this triggers many different symptoms of allergies with skin rash being one of the most common, so when accompanied by a runny nose and watering eyes or difficulty breathing, it might become obvious that the rash is not the result of a skin rash and other treatment made available.

Though there are a lot of existing natural and synthetic products that can be the cause of a skin rash, allergies often present them as a warning that something is not right, therefore the first reaction a person experiences to an item to which they are allergic will be mild. However, there are some people who suffer as severely as anaphylactic shock the first time their body reacts to a substance.

Close Examination Of Rash Can Identify The Cause

Though there are several skin diseases that can be contracted that might appear as they were caused by allergies, skin rash examination by your doctor or allergist can identify the real culprit and its treatment can start.

Keep in mind that in some cases with the unexpected appearance of a skin rash, allergies may not be suspected unless you have a history of allergies.

If it is the first time and an allergic reaction is suspected, allergy testing may be needed in order to determine the cause of your allergic reaction and the subsequent rash.

Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison SumacWhile some skin rashes are the result of exposure to recognized allergens such as poison ivy and poison oak, the rash is easily identified and topical treatment can alleviate the itching and the possible spread of the rash. Other causes of skin rashes may not be as readily identified and additional testing is needed to correctly identify the culprit.

Keep in mind:
When you develop a skin rash, allergies may not be suspected, but you should avoid the natural reaction to scratch the rash as it could cause spreading of the rash as well as create cuts on the skin, but once the skin is opened it could allow pathogens in the rash to get into the blood stream, making the allergic reaction worse.

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