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Food Allergies – They Can Greatly Diminish Appetite

Thursday, July 10th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Food AllergyAs much as most people like to eat, it can be depressing to determine they have developed food allergies. Despite how delicious a particular food may taste, still it is not worth the potential swelling, itching and the potential for death to consume a food product knowing it can trigger a reaction. While various people may suffer food allergies from different foods, some of the most common are shell fish and peanuts. Many will learn of an allergy the first time they are exposed to it, but allergies develop later in life and may come as a surprise.

When a person consumes a particular food and later has an allergic reaction, their best plan is to eliminate that item from their diet. The symptoms of food allergies are pretty much similar to other type of allergies and may include runny nose, watering eye, skin rash and hives. Other reactions might include a headache due to sinus infections and pain in the ears as well as diminished hearing.

In some people, food allergies can also cause an anaphylactic reaction, that causes a sudden lowering of blood pressure as well as difficulty breathing and in severe cases can lead to death.

Determining The Cause Before It Kills

In almost all cases, the cause of food allergies can be easy to determine by keeping a food diary and recording any adverse reactions associated with specific foods. Once the list has been narrowed down, any food that triggers an allergic reaction should not be eaten. To extract the exact cause of food allergies, the doctor may recommend the skin prick test to determine the cause of allergies before they cause serious health problems.

Many foods carry a multitude of ingredients and it could simply be one of the ingredients causing food allergies and whether the product can be found without that ingredient, it will not continue to be a problem.

Reading labels in the store can help identify any such ingredients, but can be a problem if eating out in restaurants and establishing the identity of all ingredients may not be possible.

The circumstances might be more difficult for children who don’t always remember they have food allergies for certain edibles. If they consume a food that causes a reaction, depending on the level of reaction, they will need to get help quickly to prevent permanent problems.

In cases where a child has severe food allergies a medical alert bracelet may be needed to reduce the accidental consumption of a problem food.

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