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What You Should Know About Sun Allergies

Monday, October 27th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

SunNot only vampires are allergic to the sun. Although we do not often hear cases of sun allergies in the country, this type of allergy is actually common. In most cases, people who have mild sun allergies don’t even realize that they have this type of allergies. In most cases, people who have a mild case of this type of allergy would think that they are suffering from sunburns after spending a short period of time under the sun.

Understanding Sun Allergies


Sun allergies can be attributed to the immune system reaction to sunlight. There’re some people whose immune systems have problems coping with excessive sunlight that they end with itchy red rashes after spending several minutes under the sun. In most cases, the itchy red rashes appear at the back of the hands, the surface of arms and legs and in the neck area.

These itchy red patches usually go away after a couple of days so there’s really no need to be alarmed over the situation. There’s no need to rush to the hospital and demand for treatment or something. Just buy some over the counter anti allergy lotion or cream and spread it on the affected area. A nice warm bath can also help sooth the itchiness away. Don’t scratch the itchy skin to avoid causing more damage.

On the other hand, although most people who suffer from sun allergies don’t really develop severe symptoms, some people do develop small blisters and hives not only in the skin areas that are exposed to the sun but also in those areas which are clothed. In cases like these, it would be better to see a doctor before you put something on your raw skin.

Yes, over the counter creams and medicated lotion may work but it’s always better to be safe. Note that blisters and hives can become infected so be sure to get medical help before you develop something serious. Besides, you don’t really want to cause more damage to your skin. Always remember that damages skin on your legs and arms can look really ugly.

For people who have the tendencies to develop severe reactions to the sun, it’s not really safe to do some sun bathing even for just a few minutes. People with sun allergies who need to work outdoors must wear protective clothing and sun block to minimize the effect of sunlight on their skin.

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