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Why Immune System Causes Allergies?

Monday, June 9th, 2008    Subscribe To Our Feed

Runny NoseFor reasons that are still remain unknown to researchers, some people develop a reaction to certain things, causing an abnormal reaction to foreign products in the body, which may not cause a similar reaction in others.

Allergies are one of the most troublesome of afflictions, because it might take time to determine the cause of the reaction as well as how to combat the symptoms.

❗ Different people might have allergies to different items and the symptoms can range from a runny nose to anaphylactic shock, leading to death.

It is usually believed that allergies are caused by an immune system that recognizes something as a threat in some people and not in others. When their immune system detects what it considers to be a threat to the body, it starts the process of combating the perceived intruder. The symptoms which are produced by these allergies can include:

Most symptoms of allergies will disappear when the item leaves the body, but others can be long lasting.

You should know that most of time the time reaction to allergies is an inconvenience, but they can have life-altering effects. For example, if a person has an allergic reaction to pet hair or pet dander, they will not be able to own a pet or have pet in their house.

Some Allergic Reactions Can Be Filtered Out And Prevented

For some people simple household chores like vacuuming or sweeping can trigger symptoms of allergies due to dust and dust mites. Pollen from indoor plants has been found as well to cause allergies in some people.

Did you know: Filters that are built into vacuum cleaners can help to prevent the dust from being spread into the air while vacuuming and whole-house filtering systems can capture a significant portion of airborne particles consequently preventing attacks.

Skin Prick TestA few tests exist that help determine if a person’s symptoms are caused by allergies, however the skin prick test is the most reliable  which is conducted under the watchful eye of an allergy specialist. Items that are known to cause allergies get injected into person’s skin through a series of needles and the reactions to the individual items are monitored to verify the reaction. Once a cause gets identified, the person can take steps to avoid exposure to that item.

For your information, there is medication available, developed by allergists that can help people to get through the symptoms of allergies while going about their daily routine. In addition, there are pre-emptive medications which can stop symptoms of some allergies prior to appearing.

Finally do not forget to consult with your doctor about such medications.

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