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The Sensitive Chef

Suffer From Food Allergies? Is It Important For You To Eat Gluten Free,  Wheat Free, Or Nut Free  Foods?

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"The Sensitive Chef" Cookbook

The Sensitive Chef CookbookIf you suffer from Celiac Disease or other food allergies and disorders, in this cookbook you will find the recipes to be simply delicious and a refreshing change from what’s currently available.

Most of the ingredients listed in this cookbook are either certified organic or as natural as possible.

The Sensitive Chef contains over 100 recipes in the following categories:

Here are a few of the great recipes found in the cookbook:

For almost every recipe, substitutions and/or variations can be made in order to fit the sensitive individual’s dietary needs. The cookbook is great because it list the different kinds of substitutions which can be made.

For example, in place of cow’s milk, a sensitive individual may substitute rice milk or soy milk. Those sensitive to eggs may use their egg substitute in some recipes.

Start Today And Begin Reaping The Benefits Of Food Allergy Free Cooking Today

The easy to follow recipes reduces the difficulty level in preparing delicious food allergy free meals and desserts ready to serve to you and your loved ones.

If you or a loved one are suffering from Celiac Disease or other food disorders you will find the Sensitive Chef Cookbook to be a welcome addition to your home.

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